Benefits of Lube

LubeWhen it comes to lubricant too much or too little can cause your sexual play to flop. When there’s just the right amount, though, it boosts below the belt sensations. Lube is your body’s way of telling you that you’re excited. You can’t have comfortable or successful sex without it. Every woman lubricates differently. There is no “normal” amount of wetness, and most women will be able to tell when they are ready for penetration. If you find yourself bone-dry when you are ready to jump his bones, don’t worry.

Figuring out the reasons and solutions will ensure that you ┬áboth enjoy a smooth ride. Getting busy without enough slippage can leave you with soreness or even a yeast infection. Even if you don’t have a problem self-lubricating, using store bought lube can enhance sex.

Women who reached for lube during sex reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure compared with women who did’t use it. The extra slip and slide made sex more satisfying. More comfortable sex tends to be more sizzling sex. All lubricants sold at The Ladies Room are condom compatible.

Everything we sell is with women’s health and safety in mind. We research our products and talk with our manufactures to work on ensuring that we only sell the highest quality lubes. We try to only sell lubes that are sulfate and paraben free.

Water-Based Lubricants

Water-based lubricants are water-soluble and easily absorbed. They come in different levels of viscosity, flavors and scents. Washes clean easily with water. They are compatible with condoms and toys of all materials.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

The major benefit of using a silicone based lubricant is that they stay slick for longer periods of time. They do not break down in water, which means that they’re the lubricant of choice when it comes to intimate activities involving water (i.e. showers, baths, swimming pools, hot tubs, etc.). Silicone lubricants also work well for sensual massages, and general and tattoo moisturizers. Because they do not break down in water, soap is required to clean up. Though they are compatible with condoms, they may not be compatible with all toy materials (specifically silicone and UR3).

Hybrid Lubricants

Hybrid lubricants are just that, a mix of silicone and water based. These lubricants provide the long lasting moisture of silicone lubricants with the easy clean up of water based lubes. Hybrid lubricants are condom compatible, but like silicone lubricants, may not be compatible with all toy materials (specifically silicone and UR3).


Designed to add warmth when applied to any part of the body. The sensation is usually enhanced when the area is touched or blown on. Some people are more susceptible to these sensations than others.


A great alternative to warming lubricants for those who are a bit on the sensitive side. Designed to provide a cooling and tingling sensation on any part of the body, significantly heightened when touched or blown on. Cooling and warming lubricants are great when used together to intensify a couple’s intimate experience.


Glycerine and paraben free lubricants. Great for women who are prone to infections.


Typically, anal lubricants are thicker in viscosity and designed especially for the enjoyment of anal sex.

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