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Do you take returns? Do to the personal nature of our products we do not accept returns. This ensures that all products sold are new and ready to be used upon purchase. If your product came with a warranty please follow the instructions on how to redeem the warranty.

My product did’t work when I got home, what do I do? If your product does not work when you get home, please contact us right away. We will work with you if the product was purchased within a timely manner and you have the receipt. You can always ask us to test products before purchasing.

Do you offer classes or workshops? We do have specialists come in and offer classes and workshops on different topics. We have a dominatrix who offers an introduction to BDSM workshop, lube specialty workshops, and more. You can also ask for more information on our products, as our staff is highly knowledgeable.

Do you sell online? At this time, we do not sell our products online. We are hoping to offer an online store soon, so check back often.

Do you sell porn? No, while we do sell educational books and DVDs, we are a porn and viewing booth free store. We feel that porn and viewing booths make an unwelcoming atmosphere for our customers. We want everyone to feel comfortable walking into our store and we welcome customers from all walks of life.

Are you LGBT friendly? Yes! We feel that sex and sexuality should be available to everyone. We will cater to our clients needs without judgment.