Finding Your G-Spot

It’s not a myth, despite what you may think, the g-spot exists and loves attention! “G-spot” is the common name for a spot on the front of the vaginal wall through which you can stimulate the urethral sponge. This is an area of spongy tissue surrounding the urethra. All female-bodied people have this hot spot, but not all respond to stimulation in the same way. The only way to figure out if you like stimulation here is to start exploring and experimenting. Locating and stimulating this tissue can lead to orgasm and even ejaculation for many women. The right sex toy can be indispensable on that journey.

It is located about two inches inside the vagina towards the belly, right behind the pubic bone. When women are aroused the tissue becomes thickened and can be felt through the vaginal wall. It creates an intense, distinctive sensation when stimulated. For some women, this feeling is similar to the sensation of needing to urinate. If it makes you more comfortable, pee before starting your explorations.

The first step is to get turned on. During arousal, the spongy tissue swells with fluid and will feel more firm to the touch. When you aren’t turned on, the wall of the vagina feels fairly similar all the way around. Once aroused you can add a finger or toy. After inserting, angle the toy or curl your finger up towards your belly. Use firm strokes to stimulate this area.

You will know when you hit the right spot by the distinctive sensation it creates. Remember, you aren’t feeling for something on the surface of the vaginal wall; the urethral sponge is behind is, so you need to use firm pressure. The texture of the tissue feels somewhat bumpy or wrinkly; it’s noticeably different from the smooth walls of the vagina. Press firmly and stroke in a “come-hither” motion.

There is no single right technique to find this hot spot. The size and sensitivity can vary greatly from person to person, so you will need to experiment. Some women like rhythmic pressure from a curved toy, other women like a swooping motion from fingers or the twisting motion of a rabbit toy. You may like having your clitoris stimulated at the same time, try having your partner give cunnilingus while using their fingers for a divine sensation.

Pressure on this tissue can cause female ejaculation from the urethral sponge through the urethra. This fluid is different from urine, and similar to men’s prostatic fluid. Empty your bladder before sex, so you won’t have to worry about peeing. Ejaculate quantity will probably be less than a teaspoon or two, but sometimes can be copious. Some women will ejaculate after the penis, fingers, or toy has been removed, as they may block the urethra preventing ejaculation.

During sex there are some positions that are more conducive to hitting this spot. Doggy style or woman on top are two of the best positions for this. There is also sex furniture that can help angle the body better for this stimulation.

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