Massage Oil

Massage OilMassage oil can be a fun, sensual treat for lovers. Since touch can be an important part of communication within a relationship, giving your partner a sexy massage can be a great start to foreplay.

Oils are mainly used to lubricate the skin to help reduce friction during a massage. This gives the silky, smooth feeling of flesh gliding over flesh during a massage. They also have the added benefits of aromatherapy to help set the mood. Aromatic oils are sure to impart blissfulness and therapeutic relaxation when drizzled onto your lovers body. Available as oils, edible oils, massage candles, and massage bars, there is a style of massage oil for everyone.

At The Ladies Room we focus on providing the highest quality oils, with ingredients like vitamin E and hemp seed. We also have vegan friendly products and ask many questions of our manufactures to ensure that we have only the highest quality products available for sale.

Not to be confused with lube, massage oils are used to rub down your partner for relaxing, sensual foreplay. Oils should never be used as lubricant, inserted into the body, or on toys. Silicone lube can also be used for massage as well as lubricant for sex. Silicone lube is the only product available that is healthy to use for massage and sex. Silicone lube is also great for tattoo revitalization and moisturizing of skin.Massage Candle

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