Menstrual Cup

menstrual cupLadies, when your period hits many of us use tampons or pads thinking there are no other choices available. If you have never heard of a menstrual cup, you are missing out. The cup is exactly what it sounds like, a cup that sits at the end of your  cervix to collect menstrual blood.

Made of a high grade silicone, the cup is more ecologically and body safe than traditional tampons or pads. Since they are reusable, they also save you money. Unlike tampons, the cup can be worn safely for up to 12 hours. They are safe to be worn during all types of activities, including swimming without the fear of a string hanging out and possibly even during sex.

The Ladies Room is proud to offer menstrual cups made by high-end sex toy company, Fun Factory. The Fun Cup comes in 2 different sizes; smaller, firmer size A; and larger, squishier size B. The kit includes 2 cups, a storage pouch and a photo instruction book for how to fold your cup for insertion. The cups are made of the same high-grade silicone as their toys and offer a unique shape in the world of menstrual cups.

The Fun Cup offers a secure, comfortable fit that will allow for a certain enjoyment out of your period like nothing before. Feel free to wear your cutest, sexiest panties for a date night that may lead to a fun night with your partner.

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