Oral Fixations

OralFor many lovers oral sex is a fun, sexy treat that can add plenty of new sensations. Not just for the obvious eroginous zones, many people love to have their necks licked and kissed as foreplay.

Many women and men shy away from the taste of oral sex, and their partners miss out on this amazing sensation.  There are many products available to sweeten up the idea of going down on your partner. Try out a flavored lube that is safe to use on genitals and for sex but that will add a enticing new flavor to your partner. Lubes come in flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, lime, strawberry, cherry, and more. You can also try an oral sex cream such as  flavored creams.

There are also pills for your partner to take before sex that alters the taste of the body’s secretions, or Masque which hides the flavors of your partner behind something sweeter.

Try a new sensation such as BJ Blast, which is a candy that fizzles in your mouth for added stimulation. If you want to multi task, try adding in a simulator sleeve for him.

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