Sexy Self-Image

Sexy Self-ImageWe have all had that moment in the dressing room or at home where we feel self-conscious about our self-image. This is especially true when picking out new lingerie or wearing it for a partner. We want to look our best, but sometimes what our partner wants to see us in isn’t flattering.

Wearing next to nothing and looking as good as the models is next to impossible for most women. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t just as sexy. Our partners usually do not notice all of what we, women perceive as our flaws.

Recently I went to purchase a new bra, the one I fell in love with though, I did’t find flattering on me. When I showed it to my boyfriend, he couldn’t understand what I saw so wrong with how I looked. I did wind up purchasing it, although I still don’t feel comfortable in it yet. Which brings me to my point; they do not see it on us the same way we do.

Most men/significant others, are just so thrilled that we are wearing something sexy, that they don’t analyze us the same way we do in the mirror. They see the woman they love, doing something special for them. They see us putting in an effort to appear sexy and wear something just for them. This is especially true when its something that they love seeing us in.

I’m not saying that you should buy something that is especially unflattering in, or just doesn’t look good. Just try not to nit-pick everything about how you look in the dressing room. Remember that how you feel will also affect how you look, if you feel sexy it will show in your body language and will allow you to own whatever you are wearing. Fake-it till you make-it, tell yourself you are the sexiest woman ever until you believe it.

I know it can be hard to leave your fears behind, but believe that they will just be so happy that you are dressed up sexy that.

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