Smart Toys

Smart ToysYou might have heard of smart phones, but smart toys? These are adult toys that can sync with your smart phone via bluetooth. They bring a whole new level to remote control vibrators.

Most come with an app that you download onto your phone allowing you to control the toy from greater distances, sync with music or voice control, and more.

These toys are a must if your partner travels for business, or even just to spice up a night out. Pair these toys with FaceTime or Skype and they will be sure to bring a whole new intensity to phone sex. With nearly realtime control, being able to control your partners buzz from anywhere. These toys also make listening to an audio erotic novel that much more fun.

Bluetooth enabled toys come in a variety of shapes, and styles. Some come with some pre-programmed vibration patterns already built in, with room to customize the patterns from the app. Some are even able to be controlled via the Apple iWatch, how discreet for a sexy night out on the town.

Check out our selection of bluetooth enabled toys including We Vibe, Kegel exercisers that tell you how you did, and more fun interactive toys sure to spice up your relationship.

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